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What is a Battery Management System (BMS)?

battery management system

In the renewable energy industry, batteries serve as energy storage solutions that allow for lower peak electrical demand charges and back up power in case of emergencies. A battery management system (BMS) works with battery energy storage systems to control and oversee its functions. A BMS is crucial for ensured safety with a battery energy storage system among other things.

What is a battery management system?

A battery management system is a technology that regulates and monitors battery performance. One of its most important functions is keeping a battery from operating outside its safety margins.The facility that houses the battery and the people that work in the facility will both be safer with a BMS in place as a BMS will shut the battery down if it detects any unsafe conditions. Other critical functions of a BMS are ensuring optimal overall performance and longevity.

More specific functions of a BMS include managing cell voltage, current, temperature and charge balancing. Charge control and internal short circuit detection are also managed with a BMS. A BMS’s functions differ depending on the costs, complexity and size of the battery and its application.

A BMS works to help batteries avoid damage by protecting them from being overcharged or over-discharged. This technology achieves this by monitoring a battery pack’s individual cells and then calculating the amount of current that can flow safely through the battery. Battery Longevity is also increased if overcharging and overdrawing is regulated.

Benefits of a battery management system

There are many benefits associated with a BMS. The first and arguably most important benefit is safety. Some batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries, are made with flammable materials. It is necessary for these batteries operations to be monitored to prevent a fire from breaking out. Battery health and longevity are also protected with a BMS. This protection comes in the form of over and under-voltage monitoring, temperature control, internal circuit short protection.

Interested in a battery management system?

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