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Commercial Battery Energy Storage

Lower peak electrical demand charges with a battery energy storage system

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What is battery energy storage?

Battery energy storage systems work in tandem with solar arrays (or other renewable sources, such as wind turbines) to store generated power for use at optimum times. These commercial batteries are rechargeable and can perform more advanced functions, such as peak shaving and load shifting.

Peak shaving involves reducing energy consumption at peak periods in the day (or even in a year), and load shifting spreads out electricity consumption from one time period to another. Both are huge ways to reduce utility bills and can be done with a battery energy storage system.

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How battery energy storage works

Peak shaving and load shifting is accomplished with a simple process. First, batteries will charge by collecting clean renewable energy from solar, wind, or other renewable sources. Then, advanced algorithms in the battery’s system will coordinate when to distribute that energy to your building based on past utility history and other factors like weather conditions or the time of day. Finally, energy stored in the battery is discharged during the times when your facility has the highest energy usage

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Main benefit: storing onsite power and reducing reliance on the electric grid

Excess energy generated from renewable energy systems like solar panels can be stored in batteries and used at a later time, reducing your organization’s reliance on your utility provider. In turn, this lowers your energy bills.

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Using batteries for disaster recovery

Batteries allow your organization to have back up power for times of emergency. If your power goes out, batteries are a great solution to ensure that temporary power is available. This is especially important for companies with large server rooms or greater dependencies on technology.

Financial incentives

Commercial batteries can qualify for the Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) if the system is charged with renewable energy and significantly increase project payback with utilities that charge high amounts for electric demand. In the near future, an Investment Tax Credit for energy storage may apply soon as well.

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