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5 Things the Best Commercial Solar Installers Do

best commercial solar installers

Installing solar technology is a smart choice for your business that will bring positive financial and environmental impact for years to come. However, beginning a solar energy project can be daunting. There are many factors to consider including which commercial solar installer to partner with. The best commercial solar installers all have these five capabilities in common:

1. Energy Audit

Proper energy auditing is a crucial first step in the commercial solar installation process. Conducting a proper audit involves evaluating your site and analyzing quantitative data from utility history to correctly determine the exact amount of solar required for the install.

2. Engineering and Design Services

Providing engineering and design services are another necessary capability the best commercial solar installers have in common. They will present a drawing of custom engineered designs. It is important for the solar installer to be able to show the customer a rendering of what the exact amount of solar determined to be installed would look like whether it is roof-mounted, ground-mounted or a solar carport. The construction process will also be outlined at this time so the customer will know what to expect.

3. In-house Construction

Working with a solar installer with an in-house construction team makes the entire installation process simpler. The in-house team can complete the install at the required standard, eliminating the need to hire an outside construction team. This process varies depending on size and scope of the project.

4. Solar-specific Financing Options

The best commercial solar installers are experts in solar-specific financing options. They will be able to facilitate a financing plan specifically suited to your business and project needs whether it be a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) or a third party ownership option. Many financing options require no out-of-pocket expenses from the customer, offering a risk-free approach to getting solar energy projects up and running. There are also federal and local tax incentives and rebates that the best commercial solar installers will make you aware of. The current federal investment tax rate is 26%, but will decline after 2022. This makes now the perfect time to being a commercial solar project.

5. Performance Guarantees

Performance guarantees that your business is getting the solar power output and savings it was promised at the begging of the project. Not all solar installers guarantee performance, and some say that do but without a contractual agreement. The best commercial solar installers offer contractual performance guarantees through agreements like Energy Service Performance Contracts (ESPC).

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