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3 Ways EV Charging Stations Can Benefit Your Organization

EV charging stations

Despite the pandemic and a 20% decrease in overall vehicle sales in 2020, electric vehicle sales rose 43% globally. The popularity of electric vehicles is ever increasing, and along with it the need for EV charging stations. Installing EV chargers in or near your organizations parking lot is a low maintenance way to support sustainability in your community.

Benefits of EV Charging Stations

Installing charging stations in close proximity to your business or organization will produce numerous practical, financial and environmental benefits. These are outlined below.

1. Increase sustainability & attract like-minded customers

EV charging stations communicate to your employees, customers and community that your organization values sustainability and is making and effort to reduce its carbon footprint. This effort will attract like-minded and eco-friendly customers who appreciate your commitment to a sustainable future.

2. Fulfill a need for electric vehicle charging

With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, it is likely that some of your employees and customers are part of this population. Fast charging EV stations can charge a modern electric vehicle approximately 80% of the way in just one hour. Offering a convenient and quick way to charge electric vehicles at your organization will attract eco-friendly customers.

3. Generate revenue

EV chargers have the potential to generate both direct and indirect income for your business. Direct income can come from charging employees or customers for the service of recharging their electric vehicles. Since EV chargers attract new customers, they can also generate income indirectly. With an average income of $150,000, electric vehicle owners tend to have a lot of spending power. EV chargers will attract these customers to your business.

Are EV charging stations right for your organization?

If your business or organization has a solar carport or sidewalk in or next to your parking lot, EV charging stations are an ideal option for increasing sustainability and generating revenue. With a solar carport and EV chargers in place, customers and employees can charge their cars under a shelter during their visit to or workday at your organization. The power generated from a solar carport can also be used to power the EV charging stations, which is a cheaper alternative than using power from your electric grid. Energy savings generated from solar installation will help your organization quickly see a on EV chargers ROI.

Solar carports provide an ideal area for charging stations because it keeps them out of the way of your parking lot and/or sidewalks. EV chargers are only beneficial if they are easily accessible for customers and employees, and solar carports offer that accessibility.

Installing EV charging stations is also the right choice for your organization if it has reasonable utility bills. EV chargers are often not a viable option if your organization has high electric usage or demand charges. If installed under these circumstances, EV chargers will exacerbate the problem. Installing solar panels or a solar carport is a more feasible option for increasing sustainability and offsetting utility costs before you consider installing EV chargers.

Charging stations can be a significant financial investment, but there are ways to leverage incentives to lower their cost. There are several state and local utility programs and rebates available for organizations looking to install EV chargers. These incentives can offset installation costs, making installing EV chargers a more realistic endeavor.

Interested in commercial EV charging stations?

The EnergyLink team is experts on the financing and installation of EV chargers. We work with brands like Blink, EVBox and Tesla to find the right solution for you at a reasonable cost. To learn more call (866) 218-0830 or click the button below for a free quote.

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