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How Solar Power Can Benefit Schools


Statistics show that about 5% of all K-12 U.S. schools, a total number of about 5,500, are powered by the sun now, and their solar capacity has almost doubled in the last three years, according to Inside Climate News. It is quite obvious that schools enjoy many benefits after they switch to solar power. This blog article is going to help you pinpoint how solar power can benefit schools.

1. Solar panels work perfectly on most school roofs.

Solar panels and school roofs match perfectly, which makes things so much easier for both the schools and the engineers! According to Conserve Energy Future, unlike the pitched roofs of most residential homes, schools typically have flat, expansive roofs made of materials that are ideal for solar panel installation. Since roof angle and material have a major impact on the effectiveness of solar arrays, installing solar panels in schools is going to be much easier and cost-effective.

2. Solar power will reduce operating costs for the school

Electricity is expensive! The electricity price inflates about 2.64% each year. If electricity cost $100 in 2000, the same amount will cost $164.18 in 2019. Schools have to use a large amount of electricity on a daily basis. In order to avoid the inflating cost of electricity, schools can switch to solar power, which provides electricity for free. Moreover, schools are more likely to get cheaper prices for a solar system because of the size and scale of the solar project.

3. Solar power could help boost enrollment

Who doesn’t like eco-minded schools! Solar power can be seen as an eco-friendly symbol for the school, because it is large and easy to see even from a distance. Many schools have established sustainability offices to drive green initiatives. Thus, switching to solar power not only looks good, but also has the potential to attract more students.

4. Solar power provides unlimited and reliable energy

Power outages suck! Imagine one day in the future, fossil fuels are out. Isn’t it terrible? Luckily, solar power is unlimited. Since some programs in schools have to run 24 hours, it is not fun when the power is out. By switching to solar systems, schools no longer have to worry about power outage in bad weather.

5. Solar arrays at schools promote the use of solar power

I don’t trust it until I see it! People usually feel more comfortable doing something after they have seen other people do it. This is also true for solar power installation. Schools are busy public places. Once the school has installed large, campus-powering solar systems, everyone who passes by will see it. In this case, students, faculty, and visitors to the school will have the opportunity to learn how the solar arrays work. This helps familiarize people with solar systems and will inspire them to invest in solar themselves in the future.

After learning all these benefits of solar power, we bet you can’t wait to try solar energy out in your own institution! Contact our certified solar energy experts today to find out more about installation, financing, and more benefits!

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