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What is Long Duration Energy Storage?

long duration energy storage

Long duration energy storage is becoming increasingly popular within the energy industry. This popularity can be attributed to the technology’s potential to make renewable energy sources into more abundant and available resources. Long energy storage may be the future of the renewable energy industry as the Biden administration works to read its goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2035.

What is long duration energy storage?

According to US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, the Department of Energy is working towards bringing hundreds of gigawatts of clean energy onto the grid and making it cheaper and longer-lasting as part of their Energy Earthshot Initiative. Long duration energy storage will be a part of these efforts. It encompasses a wide variety of systems and technologies with storage capabilities anywhere between ten and 1,000 hours of energy discharge. This technology would help to back a cheaper, more reliable and more environmentally-friendly electric grid.

Energy storage is essential for clean energy use at peak times or when energy generation is unavailable. Long duration energy storage may be the key to fighting climate change as it will allow for increased use of renewables and therefore reduced emissions on a larger and more cost-effective scale


Long duration energy storage offers benefits associated with all energy storage technologies along with additional unique benefits like the ability to go completely off grid. General benefits associated with energy storage include power when needed, customizable chemistry and architecture design, and more feasible electric vehicle (EV) charging station integration. However, with long duration energy storage benefits like power generation and EV charger adoptions are amplified.

For example, this technology allows facilities that run 24/7 the ability to operate at maximum capacity for longer, which can be necessary at peak times or when no more power can be fed in. EV chargers can be more easily adapted with this technology as well by making on demand and necessary power more readily available. The unique benefit of the ability to go completely off the grid can only be achieved with the increased length of time to operate at maximum capacity that long duration energy storage provides.

Ideal applications

This long duration technology is an ideal solution for both utility and private companies. It is also ideal when partnered with solar panels and/or EV chargers as power can be used or drawn any time. Finally, it is ideal if your facility has a heavy need for power at times when solar or other renewable resources can’t provide the level needed at peak demand times. This is especially true if power is needed for longer than five hours at a time.

Interested in long duration energy storage?

If you are interested in implementing long duration energy storage at your company or organization and reducing reliance on peak plants, consider partnering with EnergyLink. Our team of experts will walk you through the design, build and fund phases of long duration energy storage solutions. We work with ESS Inc., a trusted brand that sources their products responsibly. To get started, click the link below for a free quote. To speak directly with a team member dial (866) 218-0380.


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