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3 Reasons Why Measurement and Verification is Important

measurement and verification

Energy meters known as measurement and verification (M&V) are a crucial part of any renewable energy or efficiency project. They provide data that can be used for verification and calculation purposes, which in turn provides accurate information about the¬†facility’s ability to produce power.

What is measurement and verification?

Measurement and verification is a formal and systematic process to quantify the impact and savings delivered by energy service products. M&V services can include site inspection, data collection, detailed energy modeling, planning, installation, reporting, remote monitoring, and troubleshooting. Each of these individual services will benefit your facility. In short, M&V services track your building’s energy use and gain valuable insights for improving facility management.

Make sure to procure M&V services from a provider that follows industry accepted International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMV) and uses materials reviewed by a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP). Pictured below is a screenshot that is an EnergyLink example of M&V software and tracking reports.

m and v

Why is measurement and verification important?

Without M&V services, it can be difficult to determine if your project is producing the power output and savings it is expected to. M&V services is also an important part of an energy project for the less obvious reasons listed below.

1. Savings

M&V services allow for savings both in the form of increased energy savings and reduced costs of financing your project. These services have allowed for feedback on operational performance which is valuable because it lets owners or managers adjust their facility’s operations accordingly which delivers higher savings over time with lower costs attached.

It has also been shown that, when M&V methods are applied universally to all projects (not just construction), lending institutions will have the confidence needed for financing. This is important because it can help push through those pesky obstacles in front of us like red tape and bureaucracy!

2. Improves engineering and operations

Engineering design and facility operations and maintenance all benefit from M&V. When problems related to these processes have been identified through M&V companies benefit from quicker repairs and a more efficient facility overall.

3. Enhances value of emission-reduction credits

The use of emission-reduction credits provides additional value by enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of projects. By documenting emissions reductions from reduced energy consumption, energy efficiency investments can be recognized as an important strategy for reducing harmful emissions.

Interested in measurement and verification services?

If you are interested in implementing measurement and verification services, EnergyLink’s M&V department are experts than follow all international standards when tracking the performance of any energy project. If you would like to add these services to your project, click the button below to get the process started. If you would like to speak to a team member, dial (866) 218-0380. To read more on this topic and how M&V works, check out our blog article Tracking Solar Performance with Measurement and Verification.

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