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Nicholaus Rohleder on Nasdaq: Commodities Crisis Demands Climate Diplomacy

Nicholaus rohleder

Nicholaus Rohleder is EnergyLink’s Independent Director and cofounder of New American Energy, an investment management firm focused on energy transition and climate technology. A former roughneck in the Texas oil field, Rohleder now focuses his energy on the financing and development of climate technology and is a contributing writer for Nasdaq, where he covers these topics.

Read Commodities Crisis Demands Climate Diplomacy

Rohleder’s first article with Nasdaq is titled “Commodities Crisis Demands Climate Diplomacy.” Throughout the article he covers the challenges associated with the clean energy transition that the world is moving toward. Rohleder believes that the U.S. needs to establish stronger connections with key players such as China and Chile, areas where minerals used in semiconductor manufacturing are abundant.

“These big players in upstream clean energy commodities hold keys to accelerating net-zero efforts, and they can’t also slow those efforts dramatically unless we initiate climate diplomacy. The United States now finds itself in an acute situation that requires a well-considered but rapid policy response — and semiconductors lie at the heart of the issue.”

Nicholaus Rohleder

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