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Our Process

See how our holistic approach to building energy management compares to others in the industry

Your building is unique and complex. It needs an energy system specifically designed to get the best out of it. That’s where EnergyLink comes in

Many Energy Service Companies or EPC Firms will try to sell your organization specific solutions like solar panels or upgraded HVAC units without taking a larger view of your building. Elements like solar panels alone are not enough to adequately drive down your peak demand charges, lower your energy bills, and get the best performance out of your building’s energy systems.

EnergyLink analyzes your entire facility from top to bottom to understand how it works. Then, we create a custom proposal filled with a mix of energy products that would work especially well for your building. All recommendations are made with the intention of delivering the best economic results at financial terms that work for you.

The typical energy project process compared to our process

Typical process
Our process
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No intermediaries. No hassle

Energy projects can be overwhelming with the sheer number of intermediaries that could be involved. In just one project, you could have to work with an: auditing firm, equipment vendor, engineering firm, MEP, general contractor, funding partner, and independent contractor. This process can take up to 6 months or more, and, along the way, parts of the project could be value engineered out due to one intermediary being unable to accommodate your requests.

EnergyLink handles the entire energy project process for you, so you’re only having to work with us- no intermediaries, no hassle. Our team understands how commercial energy projects work and what’s required to get them done faster. Most projects can be established and ready for construction in 6-10 weeks or sooner.

A creative mix of tailored solutions

EnergyLink’s team goes through extensive option analysis to find the best energy systems for your facility, with key goals of providing real economic value quickly and improving your sustainability.

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