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Stop Wasting Money: Get HVAC Controls

HVAC controls

How much are you spending on heating and cooling? Did you know you could reduce that with HVAC controls? In the summer and winter HVAC units are running like crazy to keep occupants comfortable― but they don’t need to be used all the time. That’s where HVAC controls come in.

Without a control system, the system will become unstable and HVAC could overheat or overcool spaces, which can result in more energy waste and higher utility bills. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits they can provide to your organization.

What is an HVAC controls system?

An HVAC controls system has four basic elements: a sensor, controller, controlled device, and source of energy. The sensor measures temperature, humidity or flow and provides information to the controller. The controller then receives the input from the sensor and produces the output signal for controlled device. The controlled device then modifies the temperature or humidity based on the data it received using a certain source of energy.

HVAC controls regulate standard features such as temperature, humidity, ventilation and pressure. There are also special controls that include fire protection, smoke removal systems, clean air systems and more.

Benefits of HVAC controls systems

Many businesses waste a large amount of energy through inefficient operations, which result in monetary loss. A lack of reliable building occupancy measurement and prediction can cause such inefficiencies. HVAC controls account for this through automatic programming (instead of manual adjustments) of building cooling, heating, and ventilation.

Controls systems offer the added benefits of maintaining thermal comfort conditions, maintaining optimum indoor air quality, reducing energy use, identifying maintenance problems, making facility operations safer and monitoring system performance.

HVAC controls’ functionality can also be expanded if building owners choose to install a building automation system (BAS).

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The bottom line

Having the proper HVAC controls system in place can generate substantial energy and cost savings for building owners. These systems are also responsible for the comfort and health of a building and its occupants by providing proper temperature control, fresh air circulation and filtration. Controls systems allow building owners to operate at maximum efficiency while reaping the benefits of sustainable business practices.

A proper HVAC control system will allow building owners to operate at maximum efficiency while reaping the benefits of sustainable business practices.

Learn more

To learn more about the trends and market growth with in the HVAC and controls sector take a look at this 2022 market report. If you are interested in installing a HVAC unit and/or controls system click the button to get a free quote or get started on a project.

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