What is a Power Generator+?
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What is the Power Generator+?

What is the Power Generator+?

A Power Generator+ is a new type of technology that may become your company’s next addition. Read on as we explore what a Power Generator+ is and why you should invest in this cost-effective technology. 

What’s this technology about?

A Power Generator+ is an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) based heat-to-power generating system that captures waste heat to generate up to 120kWE of fuel-free, emission-free electricity. This technology allows for the sustainable production of electricity as long as an appropriate thermal heat source is available. This heat source is available from 77°C-132°C at a flow rate of 3.2 l/s-22.1 l/s). 

What are the appropriate waste energy sources? 

According to ElectraTherm, examples of appropriate waste energy sources for a Power Generator+ are small, distributed hot water sources such as stationary engine jacket water, biomass boilers, solar thermal and co-produced (or geothermal) fluids.

Components of a Power Generator+ 

To better understand how this machine works, here are a few components. 

1. Twin Screw Expander

The twin screw expander is used as the generator’s power block, which effectively functions as a compressor operating in reverse. The twin screw is a simple but impactful design. A significant advantage of the twin screw expander is the ability to operate in two phases, or “wet” conditions.  This two-phase operation means that the refrigerant does not have to be 100% vapor. The ability to operate in a range of working fluid conditions from superheated to wet vapor allows the POWER+ to follow variable heat loads and produce power over a wide range of input conditions.

2. Induction Generator 

An induction generator is similar to an induction motor. For the Power Generator+, it is based on a 70-100 horsepower squirrel cage motor with some optimizations to the internal construction to make it more efficient. If a loss grid occurs, the unit will automatically shut down and can’t be restarted until the line conditions return to normal. 

3. Working Fluid

The working fluid is the last piece to this machine. HFC-245fa (1,1,1,3,3 pentafluoropropane) is used in the POWER+. HFC-245fa is an EPA-approved member of the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) family of refrigerants, permitted under the Montreal Protocol. This non-flammable, low-toxicity,  environmentally-safe fluid boils at approximately 15.5°C at atmospheric pressure.

For More Information 

Are you interested in a Power Generator+? Contact us for more information. Already have a generator you’re happy with? Check out this blog post to see if your company may benefit from investing in another.

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