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10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Backup Generator

What is the Power Generator+?

As a consistent power supply, a backup generator can help your business endure unpredictable power outages–your company’s core, profit-generating systems will continue to operate as long as you have a reliable backup generator. 

Previously, we have given a brief introduction on what a backup generator is and how different businesses can benefit from it. In this particular blog post, we will talk more in-depth about the benefits that a backup generator can bring to a business both in cases of emergency, in normal daily life, and for you business as a whole.

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It Helps Your Business Withstand Power Outages 

  1. Maintain Customer Contact–If being in touch with your customers is an important part of your business, when power is out, they are very likely to get nervous about whether the services or products they purchase from you will be lost. They are as nervous as you are when they are not able to reach out to  customer service. Thus, being able to maintain contact with customers throughout power outages is invaluable. Customers will therefore trust you more, become more loyal, and more inclined to recommend your service to their family and friends. 
  2. Lighting and Security–Even though you may hope that this never happens, power outages do make your company more vulnerable to thieves. The benefit of having a backup generator is to ensure your company’s lighting and security systems continue to work, keeping your property safe from looters. 
  3. Electronic Data–If computers shut down accidentally, the data stored on hard drives may be lost, especially when complicated programs are running. Losing important data will result in tens and hundreds of hours of additional work. It not only costs extra money and time, but also affect the normal operation of the company. Having a backup generator will protect your data; it allows you to hit the “save” button before the data gets lost. 
  4. Income–A pretty obvious benefit of having a backup generator is to enable your business to stay open during a power outage. For companies that have to operate almost 24 hours a day, such as press offices or transportation companies, having to shut down not only lead to a loss of revenue, but also put customers’ lives and property at risk. Consequently, a backup generator can prevent these situations from occurring. 
  5. Employees–Sometimes employees get excited when there is a power outage, because it means that they get a free break. However, if the outage lasts for a long time, employees will have downtime. When power is back, they will have plenty of work to catch up with and more downtime means less productivity.

A Backup Generator Also Makes You Feel More Comfortable in Daily Life 

  1. Always There–Backup Generators are permanently installed at your building so they’re always ready for a power outage. It is connected to the building’s power grid while fueled by propane or natural gas.
  2. Customization–You can customize a backup generator to fit your most urgent needs. Business owners can always choose which pieces of equipment or sections of the building will receive power in a power outage, according to the MidWest Electric and Generator
  3. Safer To Use–Compared to a portable, gasoline-powered unit, a backup generator is cleaner and more efficient to use. 
  4. Automation–Your backup generator will be automatically turned on and off when it detects changes in power. When the main power supply cuts out, the monitoring system will be activated, while when the power is back, the backup generator will shut down. 
  5. Choose The Right Size–You may initially think that you are running a small company so it is not worth it to buy a backup generator. However, the damages a power outage could cause are much more than you can imagine. Luckily, you can customize your backup generator according to the amount of equipment, computers, and buildings you will need to power in cases of emergency. Thus, ensuring that your backup generator is used efficiently and your money will not be wasted. 
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In conclusion, power outages have cost billions of dollars in losses in the U.S. economy. For the industries that are very susceptible to power outages, including manufacturing industries, financial corporations, breweries, consulting and information technology services, data centers, control centers, medical facilities, military operations, entertainment venues, safety and security, installing a backup generator not only keeps your business running smoothly during a power outage, but also saves irreversible loss for your business. 

If you are interested in commercial backup generators, EnergyLink has certified experts to help you on it. Click here to learn more about our consulting and installation plan and ask us questions anytime!

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