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What is Operations and Maintenance

operations and maintenance

When it comes to installing a renewable or energy efficiency system such as a solar array, the work doesn’t stop after the last piece of the system is installed. Your solar system will require ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) services. Currently, 34% of unexpected equipment downtime in the U.S. is due to aging equipment. This unexpected downtime could be avoided with proper operations and maintenance. These services are vital across all industries to ensure that your renewable or energy efficiency systems provide the best possible generation or performance.

What is operations and maintenance?

Operations and maintenance services, like measurement & verification services, are processes of upkeep for your solar or renewable energy system. For each unique project, O&M services ensure that system uptime and production are optimized, optimizing return on investment. There are four different types of O&M services: reliability centered, preventative, predictive and reactive maintenance.

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Types of O&M services

  • Reliability centered maintenance is the O&M practice that anticipates different types of failures in commonly installed systems. This results in a maintenance plan tailored to each type of equipment installed. 
  • Preventive maintenance involves collaboration with subcontractors and facility managers to create a scheduled maintenance plan. This maintenance plan involves taking pieces of equipment offline for brief periods of time for inspections and repairs that will ensure the reliability and life space of the system.
  • Predictive maintenance is an O&M practice that utilizes sensor and performance data to determine when a piece of equipment may not be performing at peak efficiently and subsequently schedule maintenance. 
  • Reactive maintenance is performed at times of failure to inform and direct maintenance staff of the proper course of action.

Click the link below to take a look at one of the projects EnergyLink performed operations and maintenance services on through daily monitoring and monthly reporting.

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Want to start a project with O&M services included?

Partner with EnergyLink for assurances that your energy project is producing the results you expect. EnergyLink is a certified energy service company (ESCO) that designs projects for a range of commercial and industrial organizations and offers routine O&M services. We will be your partner throughout each state of your renewable or energy efficiency project and we also offer multiple types of funding for our clients. Project financing agreements like MESAsPPAsESAsand SSAs include O&M services in their contracts. Click the link below to get started or dial (866) 218-0380 to speak with a team member directly.

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