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What Is The Renewable Direct Program?

Renewable Direct Program

The Renewable Direct Program is offered by utility provider Evergy, who serves Kansas City and Missouri. The program helps commercial and industrial companies establish a pathway to integrating renewable energy by allowing customers to offset some or all of their energy usage through a renewable resource. It is designed to help large customers achieve their sustainability goals with renewable energy.

How Does The Program Work?

Evergy offers commercial companies the opportunity to subscribe to the Renewable Direct Program, which enables them to take advantage of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the most cost-effective resource to serve interested companies.

The program has a fixed $/MWh Subscription Charge based on the cost of energy and transmission related to the procured renewable resource plus $0.10/MWh for Administration (20-year term) or $0.30/MWh for all other terms. The corresponding Renewable Adjustment will fluctuate month to month to reflect monthly financial results associated with the energy to be sold into the wholesale marketplace relative to the Subscription Charge. Each month, the Renewable Adjustment may increase or decrease the company’s total bill based on settled marketplace revenues. Enrollment does not impact demand charge or other portions of billing.

Although Evergy procures a PPA to serve customers, this is not directly a PPA program. The energy generated by the program gets added to Evergy’s energy mix and does not go directly to customer locations. However, by participating, companies receive a similar fixed-cost benefit like a PPA.

Benefits of The Program

While there are financial benefits to the Renewable Direct Program, there are also many other important benefits for companies to consider:

  • Renewable-sourced electricity at a price that reflects the cost of generation and delivery 
  • Cost-effective and customer friendly energy opportunities, all while providing clean energy to the grid
  • The ability to claim a portion of the energy generated by the renewable source as their own and retain all of the renewable attributes 
  • Structure to add projects in the future to keep up with the growing appetite for renewable sources of our customers
  • Hundreds of jobs expected as a result of construction and maintenance

Key Aspects of The Program

Below are some of the key aspects that companies should know about the Renewable Direct Program, further detailed FAQs can be found here.

  • The program was approved by the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC) in 2018
    It will initially be sized to support a subscribed capacity of 100 MW.
  • Companies must have an average monthly peak demand of 200 kW or greater.
  • Companies who meet the demand qualification, can offset up to 100% of their energy, based on the last 12-months of usage.
  • Although the program has different components between the states, companies can participate through separate Participation Agreements, in both Kansas and Missouri if they meet the eligibility standards and there is capacity available.

Partnership Between Evergy & EnergyLink

Evergy and EnergyLink are official partners who work together to provide businesses with viable solutions to their energy needs. While Evergy provides energy and service to clients, EnergyLink provides bespoke installation services to maximize Evergy’s power supply. Together, the two companies effectively help customers reach their sustainability goals.

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