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Why Your Business Needs a Backup Generator?

Commercial Backup Generators

As you may guess from the name, a commercial backup generator is a consistent power supply for your business. It ensures all of your company’s important, profit-generating systems continue to operate even in the cases of emergency. By installing a backup generator, you can reduce losses and speed up the recovery after power outages.

Depending on the types of business you are managing, you may need security systems, heat, air-conditioning, refrigerators, freezers, lights, computers or other office equipment running 24 hours a day. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “commercial generators can help prevent the interruption of operations at businesses and critical infrastructure facilities like hospitals, water treatment facilities, telecommunications networks, and emergency response agencies.”

How backup generators can help small businesses

According to Kohler, the backup generator brand EnergyLink primarily works with, commercial generators are important to small businesses. Here’s some ways they could help your business:

  • “Protects your revenue stream and your inventory during an outage”
  • Ensures the operation of light, AC, and heat at all times
  • “Powers your communications, computers and security system”
  • Reinforce trust and loyalty toward your brand and encourage new customers to count on you

Industries most in need of backup generators

Moreover, according to Diesel, the top 10 industries that would be affected most by a power outage include: manufacturing industries, financial corporations, consulting and information technology services, data centers, control centers, medical facilities, military operations, entertainment venues, safety and security. More importantly, power outage can bring more than $150 billion in annual damages to the U.S. economy.

Thus, installing a backup generator for your business not only keeps your business running smoothly during a power outage, but also saves the irretrievable loss of revenues.

Interested in backup generators?

EnergyLink’s team of energy experts understands how to seamlessly integrate a backup generator into your contingency plan, while also ensuring that you get fair financing terms and a reasonable return on investment. If you are interested in installing a backup generator for your business, click here to contact our energy experts.

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