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Community Solar Services

Invest in community solar for a steady stream of income, and benefit your local community. Let EnergyLink help you explore your options

What is community solar?

Community solar gives land and building owners the ability to utilize unused space for lease to a solar farm or garden. The power generated from these solar farms is then sold back to the local community (subscribers) who are green minded and looking to boost their sustainable efforts. EnergyLink develops, designs, and builds community solar arrays for local municipalities, businesses, non-profits, and more for these subscribers.

Options to invest or participate in community solar deals

Design-build projects

EnergyLink design/builds community solar projects to offtakers in the local community. We work with landowners, municipalities, public entities, businesses, and non-profit organizations to sell renewable energy production.

Subscriber option

EnergyLink will work with your organization to purchase renewable energy credits and kWh production from community solar developments to help you meet your sustainability and renewable energy goals.


EnergyLink will work with you to find a community solar project you can purchase an ownership stake in with the intent of getting ROI through receiving energy credits from power generated from the off-site solar system.

How the process works

Benefits of community solar

For Design-build projects

Take advantage of unused or underutilized land or roof space by leasing your unused space for a community solar project.

For the subscriber option

Subscribe to a community solar project and take advantage of offsite renewable energy purchases for your sustainability and renewable energy goals.

For the ownership option

Offset your electric bills through earning energy credits from the community solar system your organization owns all or part of.

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