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Solar Repowering: Fix Your Failing Solar Farm

Are you not receiving the energy savings you expected from your solar install? Fix your solar farm with EnergyLink's repowering services

Are you suffering from these problems after getting your solar farm installed?

Lower than expected solar production

Energy savings not equal to projections

Degraded or damaged equipment

How solar repowering can help you improve performance

Solar photovoltaic repowering involves replacing old, underperforming solar modules and inverters with new ones, and it is usually prompted by municipalities or investment firms who’ve invested in utility scale solar but aren’t seeing the results they expected. Put simply, Repowering is equivalent to real estate remodeling; old tech is replaced for optimum performance.

Solar farms built 5-10 years ago are very likely to have outdated tech and poor quality engineering, as advancements in both have been made in the last few years. The main objective is to take advantage of the decreasing cost of solar power and increased performance

Groups who could benefit most from repowering

Solar farm owners

Who are selling power to a utility but are struggling to find an O&M developer to manage it. Their system's not performing as projected and they're willing to sell it.

Offtakers tied to PPA

A city, municipality who installed the solar farm through a Power Purchase Agreement, expecting good results but experiencing poor system performance.

Frequently asked questions about failing solar farms

The most common reason solar farms fail is degradation of panels over a long period of time but another big one is that the system installed uses outdated tech. In a lot of cases, inverters are actually the culprit for underperforming systems. Over the years, inverter technology has advanced to become smarter. There are however, many reasons your system could be failing.

Yes. NAESCO certified Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) who have specific experience with operations and maintenance are capable of repowering and fixing the performance of your solar pv system.

Selling a failing solar farm is an option if you want to cut your entity’s losses and not have to worry about it anymore. EnergyLink has investment banking partners with capital ready to deploy immediately. Whether you’re tied to a Power Purchase Agreement or some other contract, our team can buy your system and alleviate your concerns.

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Yes, PPAs can be bought out by anyone who has the capital, which is often investment firms. In some scenarios, a buyout can save you money.

The cost of solar has dropped significantly, lowering the market value of solar farms, making the idea of a buyout much more attractive from a financial standpoint.

If your PPA rate has an escalator, you may be paying more for your solar generated energy now than if you had purchased that same energy from your local utility.

In other words, you might be upside down on your PPA rate relative to your avoided energy costs.

Every passing day of poor solar performance costs you

Let the EnergyLink team help you get the results you originally expected from your solar farm or better with our solar repowering services.

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