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Columbia, MO Home Energy Efficiency Audit

What is an energy audit?

An energy audit is a comprehensive inspection of your house and its systems. During the audit, a professionally trained energy auditor will perform diagnostic tests utilizing specialized equipment including a blower door, an infrared camera and a combustion analyzer. The auditor will also visually inspect your home’s mechanical systems, insulation, windows/doors, and all living spaces. The report you will receive after an EnergyLink energy audit will list your home’s recommended improvements and the rebates and estimated savings related to each improvement.

Whole house approach

EnergyLink looks at your home as a system with each component impacting the others. The homeowner’s behaviors and desires are considered as well. This whole house approach means that EnergyLink will determine the needs of your unique home, and prioritize the recommendations according to the greatest to least cost effective opportunities for energy savings. We are not a company that provides audits just so that we can sell you a new furnace/air conditioner or insulation. Our audits are comprehensive, and our improvement recommendations are tailored to your home’s needs with the goal of saving you money while improving your comfort, health and safety. Don’t settle for a biased energy audit from a company looking to sell one product. EnergyLink is Columbia’s leader in comprehensive auditing and non-biased consulting.

what will happen during an energy audit?

The energy auditor will start with a survey to determine observations, behaviors, needs, and desires of the homeowner. An analysis of the home’s utility consumption will determine the baseload energy consumption (the energy used for appliances and lighting which does not include heating and cooling costs). A visual inspection of the home will include the exterior of the home, all living spaces and the attic, basement/crawlspace areas. The auditor will run a blower door test and an infrared camera scan to check for air leaks. A combustion air-zone test, gas test, and CO test will be performed on the hot water heater, furnace, and gas ovens to check for venting and safety issues. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to go over your findings and list of recommended improvements.

what to look for in an energy audit

A professional energy auditor should be trained by a third party source like BPI (Building Performance Institute). The auditor you choose should also be certified by your utility companies so that the audit performed will qualify for any rebates available. EnergyLink has 2 BPI Certified Building Analyst Professionals on staff and EnergyLink is an approved contractor with City of Columbia Water and Light and Boone Electric Co-op. EnergyLink is also an Ameren Qualified Energy Auditor. We are a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Participating Contractor, and a Missouri Certified Home Energy Auditor with the DNR. Our audits qualify for the rebate programs in Columbia, MO.

What does an audit cost? How long does it take?

The length and cost of an audit depends on the size of the home. An audit can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and the cost typically ranges from $100 - $700 across the country and may depend on incentives from utility sponsored energy efficiency programs. A typical EnergyLink audit costs between $200 and $400, but we will match any City Water and Light Approved Contractors’ audit price.

duct insulation

A visual inspection of the ductwork will also identify areas that need ductwork insulation. The conditioned air that you pay to heat or cool travels through your ductwork. When that ductwork is in a hot attic or freezing crawlspace (an unconditioned space), insulation is necessary to protect that conditioned air.

Without insulation, your home is losing energy and comfort. 10 - 30 % of the energy used to heat and cool the air in your home is lost through un-insulated ductwork.

Insulating and sealing leaky duct work in your Columbia, MO home can significantly reduce your annual heating and cooling costs, improve your comfort, and create a healthier indoor living environment. In addition to utility savings, rebates up to $600 for duct leakage and duct insulation improvements are available through the City of Columbia Water and Light and Boone Electric Co-op, and EnergyLink is an approved contractor for both utilities.

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