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Project acquisition services

We buy solar farms and the land underneath them

EnergyLink’s project acquisition services have a large scope and cater to landowners, developers or any entity looking to buy, sell or repower renewable energy assets. We have the capability to manage funds, land and solar leases. If you are looking to acquire or sell land for a future or existing solar farm, partner with EnergyLink. 

Sell your renewable energy assets

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Farmers or landowners looking to sell the land beneath solar farms

If you are a farmer or landowner looking to sell the land beneath a solar farm, now is a lucrative time to do so. EnergyLink can facilitate a sale in which you will get paid at a premium. Our team can also make you an offer on the solar farm on your land even if it needs repowering or the addition of batteries.

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Renewable energy project developers looking to sell their projects or acquire land for a solar farm

If you are a renewable energy project developer looking for someone to buy your project at mid or late development stage, notice to proceed (NTP) or commercial operations date (COD), EnergyLink can purchase your project with the help of our capital partnerships.

If you are a developer looking to acquire land to be leased to a solar asset, or to build a solar farm we can help you access capital to do so.

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Groups looking to exit their renewable energy investments

EnergyLink has the capital partnerships to purchase distressed assets from groups looking to exit their investment. Our team is highly experienced in acquiring, financing and project management for solar + storage and other renewable energy projects. 

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Groups looking to exit the land beneath renewable energy assets

If you are a developer that wants to gain liquidity without letting go of your solar development, sell the land underneath to EnergyLink. We have the capital partnerships to purchase the land under solar assets, giving developers an influx of capital before they exit their investment. 

Partner with us design. build. fund.

EnergyLink is a national certified energy service company (ESCO) that handles projects for commercial and industrial entities. Our team is able to provide funding for more complex projects through our capital partnerships and will partner with you throughout each stage of the project.

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