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3 Practical Benefits of Commercial Batteries

of commercial batteries

Commercial batteries are an asset to any energy project. Batteries provide the already valuable project project with the added benefits associated with an energy storage system such as lower electrical demand charges and a lower carbon footprint for your organization. Additional benefits of commercial batteries include storage for onsite power generation, disaster recovery, and peak shaving.

What is battery energy storage?

Battery energy storage is a system that works with renewable energy sources such as solar arrays or wind turbines to store generated power for use at optimum, or peak, times. Commercial batteries are a rechargeable technology with advanced capabilities like peak shaving and load shifting.

Batteries charge by collecting clean and renewable energy from the sources mentioned above. The battery system’s advanced algorithms will then decipher the appropriates times to distribute energy to your building using knowledge of utility history, weather conditions and the time of day. Stored energy is discharged during your facility’s highest energy usage periods.

Benefits of commercial batteries

The benefits of commercial batteries make this technology invaluable for customers that combine it with an energy project. A couple of these benefits inevitably lead to savings on your utility bill as well. This is not an extensive list of all of the benefits associated with commercial batteries, as they also increase system reliability and flexibility. Click here to read more about their potential.

1. Storage for onsite power generation

With the addition of commercial batteries, your energy project will have the capability to store onsite power generated from the solar technology. This is particularly advantageous because energy can be stored for use at a later time, minimizing your company’s dependency on your utility provider and thus lowering your energy bills.

2. Disaster recovery

In case of an emergency, transmission fault or unplanned generation outage, commercial battery storage systems allow your company to have back up power. Batteries provide temporary power until the main power source can be recovered. This can be an ideal solution for companies with larger server rooms or dependencies on technology especially.

3. Peak Shaving

Peak shaving is considered to be a main benefit of commercial batteries. Optimum or peak periods of the day present the greatest opportunity for energy savings if energy usage is minimized during these times. Peak shaving does just that- it reduces energy consumption during these crucial times by identifying the equipment with high electricity demands and staggering its start up times. This is executed with a control system, pictured below.

Doctors Park Schneider Battery Portal e1622830038765
Commercial Battery Control Panel

Interested in installing commercial batteries at your facility?

Include commercial batteries in your next energy project to reap all of the benefits mentioned above and more. EnergyLink’s team are experts in the design, build and fund phases of energy projects. Make life easy and let our team of experts guide you every step of the way. To get started, click the link below for a free quote or call (866) 218-0380 to speak with a team member.

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