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5 Benefits of Solar Carports

5 benefits of solar carports

What are Solar Carports?

Solar carports are ground-mounted solar panels that are installed above parking lots and are one of the fastest growing trends in the solar industry. The advantage of a carport is that it allows installers to orient the panels at the most optimal angle for sunlight exposure.

Solar carports do not require additional land, since an already existing parking lot is being used. As a result, they offer an efficient use of space and come with great long term monetary and environmental benefits. Also, they generally produce more power because they have fewer space constraints.

Benefits of Solar Carports

  1. Minimizing energy expenses, resulting in significant savings: Electricity costs unpredictable and prone to rate increases; a solar carport can help hedge against rising utility costs by lowering energy bills and making them more predictable. A solar system can stabilize a business’ cash flow. This can also provide an opportunity to invest energy savings in various areas of the company/organization.
  2. Reducing the costs of maintaining a parking lot: Depending on the design of the carport, it can channel rain and snow to certain areas, which in turn reduce the cost of removal and maintenance; this can also make the parking lot safer during winter by minimizing the amount of ice in the parking area.
  3. Reduce their carbon footprint: By installing a solar carport your business can have sustainable operations that benefit the environment and the community. A sustainable business can foster an environment of high engagement and morale in its employees. Also, consumers tend to show appreciation to companies that are committed to sustainability.
  4. Efficient use of space: To install a carport, no additional space is needed, instead an already existing space can be utilized to maximize efficiency and increase comfort for employees, customers, and visitors. A carport can protect vehicles from sun to prevent overheating, and it protect vehicles from rain and snow. By providing shade to prevent cars from overheating in the sun, solar carports can actually improve the car owner’s fuel economy.
  5. Adaptability: A solar panel carport can be used to fit the needs of a business. Everything from size to style can be designed by the business owner and can result in a project that pays off quickly and starts bringing immediate cash flow.

Interested in Solar Carports?

EnergyLink’s recent solar carport project for Faber and Brand will bring the law firm significant energy saving and help the environment. Over the life span of the system, Faber and Brand will save more than $700,000 and the project will start paying for itself in about five years. The solar carport makes the company stand out and brings environmental awareness to the community, all while seeing substantial annual savings.

If your company is interested in installing a solar carport and realizing the benefits listed above, schedule a free consultation or call (866) 218-0380 to get started today!

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