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How 5G Service can be Powered by Renewable Energy

5G tower technology

Both the renewable energy industry and the telecommunications industry are predicted to grow rapidly within the next 10 years. Further, 5G service is increasingly spreading throughout the country, which sparks an increased demand for energy from the grid. By tying renewable energy and 5G service together, organizations can take advantage of this opportunity for remarkable growth.

5G and renewable energy

With the rise and spread of 5G service, mobile network operators around the globe are adapting their infrastructure to accommodate the increase in power consumption that are anticipated to accompany the shift to 5G technology. In order to combat these challenges, telecommunications companies are seeking green, efficient energy solutions to remain competitive in the industry. This is where the renewable energy sector enters.

Renewable energy solutions for 5G service not only reduces costs, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint of the entire telecommunications industry by minimizing its reliance on fossil fuels. Further, the renewable energy industry benefits with the widespread adoption of 5G technology as well, as improved connect will allow even remote power stations to remain connected to the grid and communication networks with minimal lag.

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Energy solutions for 5G

It is predicted that there will be dramatic growth in energy use by the telecommunications industry, forecasting that this sector could be responsible for over 50 percent of global power usage by 2030. Energy is one of the largest controllable expenses for a cell tower, meaning to stay competitive, telecommunications companies will need efficient energy solutions to power 5G technologies. Renewable energy solutions are ideal to use in these situations, and companies adapting are already experiencing the benefits.

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