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Energy as a service agreements

Leverage a risk free approach to lowering carbon emissions

Energy as a service (EaaS) is a third party ownership model in which a customer pays a subscription-based energy service fee to a third party owner. EaaS projects also involve a design-build contractor like EnergyLink who completes the installation.

EaaS are not lease agreements; they are facilitated using either a solar service agreement (SSA) or an energy service agreement (ESA).

EaaS project framework

EaaS is a mutually beneficial partnership between a customer and third party owner.

Customers like commercial businesses, nonprofits, government organizations or healthcare institutions can install renewable energy solutions and improve sustainability without capital investment. With an EaaS agreement, customers can also avoid hassles of ownership such as operations and maintenance. 

Third Party Owners like banks and investment firms can benefit from tax incentives and steady cash flow with an EaaS agreement.

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We are a certified National Energy Service Company (ESCO) that designs projects for commercial and industrial entities.

We will be your partner throughout each stage of the project, and we also offer multiple types of funding to our investment grade clients.

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