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EnergyLink Completes 46 Building Solar Project for Buncombe County

Buncombe County Solar Drone Shot - Animal Shelter

5 February 2024 – Asheville, North Carolina – EnergyLink completed its largest solar project for Buncombe County. Totaling 6.8 MW, the project positions the county well to meet its 100% renewable energy goal by 2042. With the project encompassing 46 separate solar installations across well-known public institutions, constituents in the area will benefit massively from this monumental venture.

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Depending on the building in question, solar rooftop or carport arrays were installed. Some of the buildings involved in the project included: the Allied Health building, Jones Elementary, Fire Station 11, North Windy Ridge Intermediate, the Asheville Animal Shelter, the Burton Street Community Center, the Shiloh Center, the FS 10 building, and many more.

In the short term, this project will reduce the county’s reliance on its local electric grid and increase its institutions’ resiliency, allowing for energy independence and easier reactions to adversity, such as natural disasters or extreme weather.

With so many solar installations being conducted, this project offers the opportunity to make solar more visible to the public eye. Buncombe County constituents will see their county working hard to reduce its carbon footprint and ensure a future cleaner environment.

“The level of sophistication required to complete a project of this scale in the timeline we did speaks volumes to our team’s expertise,” remarked EnergyLink CEO, Chris Ihler. “We’re extremely proud to have completed this project, not only to have another notch on our belt but also because we know it will be making a huge community impact across Buncombe County.”

Buncombe County’s public buildings will now generate 20,035,390 kWh of electricity from renewable power. That’s equivalent to preserving 94.2 acres of forest, taking 3,160 cars off the road, and 1,727,171,070 smartphone charges.

For questions or inquiries regarding the Buncombe County project, please reach out to [email protected] or contact EnergyLink directly at (866) 218-0380.


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