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Why Solar Alone Isn’t Enough to Get Maximum Energy Savings


Do solar panels really save money? The answer is yes. Solar panels save people’s money by reducing the electric bill. However, the amount of money you will save with the solar panels depends on a number of factors, including the direct hours of daily sunlight and the size and angle of your roof, as well as local electricity rates, according to EnergySage. Business owners do not have much control over these factors once the solar panel system is installed.

In order to maximize energy savings from solar system, business owners should utilize energy storage and demand management system.

One way to utilize energy storage is to combine solar and battery storage for commercial use because many forms of solar energy are commonly stored in a battery compound. Batteries are resourceful aids for preserving commercial energy, and they work particularly well with most solar energy systems.

Thus, solar panels and battery storage are often combined to store electricity and discharge energy. The battery storage system can store the power during off-peak hours and discharge the energy during peak hours. Even though this does not necessarily reduce the energy consumption, it is an efficient way for day-to-day power operations and reduce extra money spent on energy during the peak hours.

Using a solar battery is a smart backup plan that can help businesses recycle energy, save time, and reduce utility and maintenance expenses.

The other way to maximize energy savings is through demand management system. The demand management system (DMS) is activated by automation software built into the facilities. The DMS that EnergyLink provides is able to connect all of the building’s energy assets with the automation controller developed specifically for the facilities. The automation system will then automate the facilities energy system, including HVAC, lights, solar, boilers etc.

One benefit of using DMS is that DMS engineer assesses the historic utility bills and facilities operations to determine the most cost-effective improvements. The DMS installed to the building is completely customized to the building’s actual energy usage to reduce energy demand of the facilities.

With battery storage and DMS, business owners are able to maximize their investment into solar energy.

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