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City of Paragould, Arkansas Case Study

Client background

In an effort to be more sustainable, the City of Paragould and Paragould Water & Light (PWLC) collaborated with EnergyLink to build a 1.92 MW bifacial solar farm. The array is uniquely mounted on Schletter single axis trackers, making this the first time this new Schletter tracker system has been used for a solar farm in the United States. The project was made possible through a Solar Service Agreement (SSA) backed by Evergy Energy Partners, who will serve as the owners of the system.

Download the full case study to learn more about how the City of Paragould will benefit from having the 1.92 MW array installed. Note: financial savings numbers have been excluded from the case study because this project is feeding new, renewable power into the grid and, as a result, is not necessarily decreasing costs for PWLC; rather, it is serving as a new, more sustainable power source for its constituents.

Quick facts

Project location

Paragould, AR

Project date

October 2021

Project length

4 months

Payback period

Projected utility savings (year 1)

Projected utility savings (10 years)

Projected utility savings (20 years)

Annual kWh Savings

Pounds of CO2 offset


Pounds of coal burned


Acres of U.S. forests preserved


Smartphones charged


Learn more about the project

Download the full case study to learn why the client wanted to do this project, the client’s background, challenges with the project, and the creative solutions EnergyLink’s engineering and construction team came up with to get the best out of their facility and yield the best economic results.

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