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Ike Skelton - National Guard Case Study

Client background

EnergyLink worked with the National Guard to install an 80 KW solar PV power system which was mounted using non-penetrating connections onto an existing standing seam metal roof at the Ike Skelton Training Site in Jefferson City, MO.

Savings figures are confidential because this was done through a government request for proposal. However, this case study represents the notion that the EnergyLink team has worked with government entities and is familiar with the process.

Products installed

Quick facts

Project location

Jefferson City, MO

Project date

January 2019

Project length

One month

Payback period


Projected utility savings (year 1)


Projected utility savings (10 years)


Projected utility savings (20 years)


Annual kWh Savings


Pounds of CO2 offset


Pounds of coal burned


Acres of U.S. forests preserved


Smartphones charged


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