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Steelville Telephone Exchange Case Study

Client background

Steelville Telephone Exchange provides telecommunications services for customers in the Viburnum, Cherryville/Davisville, Steelville, and Huzzah areas. The company prides itself on keeping up with modern technology trends and has adhered to this philosophy by, for example, frequently updating their fiber optic cables to provide the best telecommunications services to their customers.

In line with this philosophy, Steelville worked with EnergyLink to integrate rooftop and ground mount solar arrays to power each of their buildings (Headquarters, Tower location, Cuba location, Viburnum location, Help Desk / Downtown Steelville location). A roof replacement was done on their Headquarters before the solar array was installed there, and an LED lighting retrofit was also installed at the Headquarters for added energy efficiency.

For specifics on the solar sizing and implementation used for each location, download the full case study!

Products installed

Quick facts

Project location

Steelville, Missouri

Project date

September 2020

Project length

7 months

Payback period


Projected utility savings (year 1)


Projected utility savings (10 years)


Projected utility savings (20 years)


Annual kWh Savings


Pounds of CO2 offset


Pounds of coal burned


Acres of U.S. forests preserved


Smartphones charged


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Download the full case study to learn why the client wanted to do this project, the client’s background, challenges with the project, and the creative solutions EnergyLink’s engineering and construction team came up with to get the best out of their facility and yield the best economic results.

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