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The cost of losing power is expensive

$ 1
Lost per minute

By data centers during blackouts

$ 1
Lost per hour

By large manufacturers during blackouts

$ 1
Lost per incident

By hospitals during unplanned outages

$ 1
Lost per day

By large retailers during blackouts

How to protect your business during blackouts

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Generate your own power

Using a custom engineered solar array plus battery energy storage and a building automation system will allow you to rely less on the grid.

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Turn natural gas into power​

Using combined heat and power (CHP) units can efficiently convert both your natural gas and waste heat from operations into off-grid power.

Upgrade old mechanical systems

Upgrading older HVAC units or chillers can result in instant energy savings and less power used, which can help during outages.

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Use a hybrid approach​

Combining on-site power generation, efficient use of natural gas, and improvement of mechanical systems for the best level of protection.

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