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Energy Storage Products

Install these systems to collect power generated from natural energy sources for later use, saving you money long-term

Pairing energy storage with power generation systems like solar panels can drastically reduce your energy demand and increase energy savings

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Battery energy storage

Batteries are used to save up electrical energy produced by renewable sources to be used later when those renewable sources aren’t producing, or to save energy during off-peak hours and rapidly discharged at critical times to mitigate costly demand spikes.
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Thermal energy storage

Energy can be stored in the form or ice or heated fluids in insulated tanks for slow release over time. Working in tandem with your HVAC system, this helps to ease the burden on facility systems during peak heating or cooling hours.
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BTES systems

Borehole thermal energy storage intentionally stores heat in the ground for use later, and the system pulls excess heat from operations and puts it back in the ground. This process balances the geothermal borefield, resulting in a higher potential for energy savings.
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