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Power Generation Products

Install one or several of these systems so your company can generate your own power and rely less on your electric grid

Each product is specifically engineered to satisfy your organization's power consumption needs and offset your electric demand

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Solar panels

Solar power is a reliable and predictable renewable energy investment. If your goal is to consume less electricity from the grid or manage power demand spikes, working with an automated facility monitoring and control system guarantees returns.
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Solar+ intelligently combines commercial solar panels with building automation systems to fully connect solar to your facility's current energy systems and optimize efficiency.
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Geothermal energy storage

Geothermal energy storage is a form of energy storage using natural underground heat to generate and store energy. It is considered one of the renewable energy alternatives that can act as a substitute for fossil fuels.
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Backup generators

Backup generators are there for those unexpected emergencies where your profit-generating assets need to remain functional for your company to be stable and secure. They act as an alternative power source when your main systems are down.
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CHP systems

Combined heating and power units use natural gas to drive a generator which produces electricity for your own use while the wasted energy is used to heat your facility. Compared to other gas-using systems, CHP systems are much more efficient.
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Solar thermal energy

Solar thermal energy uses special plates which sit behind solar panels to deliberately to capture both solar and thermal energy that the panel in front of it can’t capture. The result is higher electric output and heat which can be used in several ways.
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Solar carport

Solar carports allow your organization the opportunity to monetize your parking lot by generating on-site power which can be used to offset your energy costs. They also provide shade for your employees' or customers' cars.
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Utility scale solar

Utility scale solar harnesses the same solar tech used in commercial projects, but on a much larger scale with a focus on supplying power for utility companies and, in some cases, large corporations like Apple or Walmart.
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Community solar

Community solar allows a company to own all or part of a solar system or subscribe to receive solar energy from a community solar system to receive energy credits and lower their utility bills.
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