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Midway USA Solar Project

Project Details

Midway USA is a well-known firearms parts and ammunition retailer in the Midwest and the United States at large. In an effort to both become more sustainable and lower costs, they’re partnering with EnergyLink and Coil Construction to build a massive 1.62 MW solar array on their roof. This new solar system will provide the following benefits for Midway USA.

  • On-Site Power Generation: The retailer’s roof will now provide even greater value as a source for on-site power generation, harnessing the power of the sun and converting it into clean, renewable power.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Given their large scale, Midway USA uses a lot of power and has high energy demand. The new solar array will offset those costs and significantly reduce them, as they will no longer need to rely so heavily on bought power provided from their local electric grid.
  • Community Impact: Given its large size, Midway’s building uses a lot of power from their local electric grid. By reducing their reliance on that grid, they’re also reducing the stress they place on it, making it much easier, for example, for power to be restored in the area in the event of disasters or power outages. The retailer will also be significantly reducing their carbon emissions from their operations and reducing their reliance on fossil fuels as well.
  • Job Creation: To install a solar array of this scale and at the standard EnergyLink has set for project installations, it will require a sizeable team. EnergyLink will employ many construction team members from and around the Columbia area in an effort to positively impact community members in need of a job.

Products to be installed

Role in project

EnergyLink will work in conjunction with Coil Construction to design and build the solar panel system.

Solar stats

0 MW
Solar Sizing/Output

Quick project facts

Project location

Columbia, Missouri

Project start date

Early 2021

Projected completion date

Mid 2021

Schematic Designs & Plans

Site plans and schematic designs for the solar installation can be viewed below.


Renderings created by the EnergyLink team for this project can be found below.

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