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Manage peak electrical demand with a battery storage system

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  • Is battery storage right for you? Consider these things:

    • Do you understand what demand charges are on your bill? When considering battery storage, it’s important to fully understand the facility’s daily load curve and match the power discharge with daily peaks
    • Do you frequently have power outages? Batteries store backup power during outages
    • Are your utility bills high? Installing batteries can save 15-50% on energy demand charge

    Quick Facts

    • Expected ROI – 5-7 years, depending on the electric provider
    • Time to install – 2-3 weeks

    Battery storage for commercial energy

    Commercial batteries are great for

    • Disaster recovery: allowing your organization to have back up power for times of emergency. If your power goes out, batteries are a great solution to ensure that temporary power is available. This is especially important for companies with large server rooms or greater dependencies on technology.
    • On-site storage of power: Excess energy generated from renewable energy systems like solar panels can be stored in batteries and used at a later time, reducing your organization’s reliance on your utility provider. In turn, this lowers your energy bills.

    Increase efficiency with a battery for your commercial property

    Energy Storage allows for facilities to store energy and discharge this energy throughout the day. This assists in the management of the peak demand.

    Batteries can qualify for the Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) if the system is charged with renewable energy.

    Batteries can significantly increase project payback with utilities that charge high amounts for electric demand

    Using Battery storage with HVAC

    Strategically combining stored energy from commercial batteries with HVAC control algorithms, can boost the payback of systems and drastically reduce the facilities peak demand.

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    Battery storage brands we work with

    Tesla commercial battery storage Iron Edison commercial battery storage Panasonic commercial battery storage

    Lower utilities with battery storage

    Store energy from the electric grid or renewable energy source with a battery for your facility

    Batteries give you the ability to store electricity from a renewable source or electric grid. That stored energy is then discharged throughout the day which enables your assets to run more efficiently.

    Similar to thermal energy, batteries store  energy and discharge the energy throughout the day.

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