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Lower your utility bills and increase operational efficiency with a Combined Heating & Power (CHP) unit

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  • Is a CHP system right for your company? Consider these factors:

    • Do you own a tall facility such as an apartment complex, hotel, or downtown building ? Combined heating and power units work best for buildings with this profile
    • Does your building have one central boiler system? Combined heating and power units are most effective for buildings with this setup, mainly because they reduce the strain on that central system
    • Do you have high demand charges on your utility bills? Combined heating and power units can be a huge help in reducing those charges

    Quick Facts

    • Time to install 30 days
    • Expected ROI – 4-5 years

    Understanding commercial backup generators

    Why your organization needs a CHP unit

    A CHP unit works much like a typical generator in that it uses natural gas as fuel and produces power. However, the CHP system differs from other methods of generation in that it implements a waste heat recovery system to recover the excess energy released in the process and utilizes it for heating conditioned spaces during colder periods.

    In simple terms, combined heating and power units use cheap and effective natural gas to drive a generator to produce electricity for your own use while the wasted energy is used to heat your facility. CHP units work in conjunction with your building’s boiler system, so having one central heating system is the most ideal situation for using with CHP systems.

    Typically, taller buildings such as apartment complexes, hotels, or downtown facilities have setups like this and have the right building profiles to reap the benefits of installing a combined heating and power unit. The most valuable benefit of installing a CHP unit is that they reduce the stress on your boiler system, significantly reducing electrical demand charges on your utility bills.

    Other benefits of CHP systems

    • The heat generated by CHP systems is considered renewable.
    • They can be installed on a roof, on the ground, or inside.
    • They can be mounted and installed just about anywhere.
    • CHP systems are not overly large systems; they can basically be sized to suit the facility’s needs.
    • CHP systems are modular.
    • They qualify for a 10% federal tax credit.
    • They have a typical lifespan of at least 20 years.

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    EnergyLink will help your company effectively integrate a CHP into your building

    Your business relies heavily on properly heating your facility. For this, it is crucial that your central heating system be running as efficiently as possible. EnergyLink is experienced in working with tall facilities to properly integrate combined heating and power systems effectively with a quick return on investment (usually around 5 years).

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