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Save up to 30% on your utility bills with commercial LED lights

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  • Are LED lighting upgrades right for your company? Consider these things:

    • Upgrading to led lights can lead to paybacks as quick as 1 year with utility rebates
    • Last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs
    • Make sure LED lights are designed for proper thermal management to ensure longer lifespan (if LEDs overheat their lifespan can dramatically decrease from 50,000 hours to 10,000-20,000 hours)

    Quick Facts

    • Time to install – Typically between 3-5 days, depending on office size
    • Expected ROI – Usually about 3-5 years

    The benefits of energy efficient lighting

    Save money right away

    LED bulbs on average are 30% more efficient than fluorescent light bulbs and last 35,000 hours longer.

    The main benefits of LED lights are that they: decrease maintenance times, save your company money, increase productivity in the workplace, and reduce the stress on the electrical grid.

    Increase building comfort

    Old lighting fixtures tend to give off a yellowish glow that makes concentrating difficult. Energy efficient LED’s provide a more comforting work environment and can help increase efficiency in the workplace.

    Upgrading to LED lights will provide better lighting quality, less maintenance, reduce the building’s heating load, and provide longer lasting bulbs

    Increase safety with exterior lighting upgrades

    If your exterior lighting is dim or out-of-date, it increases the risk of threat. Having a bright parking lot, parking garage, or outdoor seating makes for a safer and more efficient environment.

    Assets commonly paired with LED lighting:

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    Replacing lighting fixtures with more efficient LED’s can drastically lower energy costs for commercial buildings

    Interior and exterior lighting usually accounts for around 20% of commercial building’s energy usage. Out-of-date fixtures can be unwelcoming and expensive. EnergyLink’s goal is to lower your building’s utility cost and increase the comfort of your workplace with energy efficient LED’s.

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