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    Any organization looking to lower utility costs for their facility should start with a certified energy audit. This audit will expose poorly operating equipment, thermal boundary leaks, systems remaining useful life, and other savings opportunities.”

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    EnergyLink's energy audit process

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    Review your building’s historic utility bills

    By viewing the historic utility usage, our engineers are able to determine many aspects of the operations of the building. Some examples include heating and cooling usage, lighting usage, utility rate structures, any billing errors, and more.

    Full building walk-through

    Next, our team will conduct a full building walk-through. During this, our team will examine mechanical systems, lights, thermal boundaries, operating equipment, roof, and more. We will cross-reference this information with historic utility bills.

    Provide report outlining solutions and economic benefits

    Finally, once the full audit is complete, our team will prepare a packet with a detailed analysis of our findings. This includes potential solutions and the economic benefits of each system.

    How long does an energy audit take?

    The energy audit walk-through typically takes two-three hours depending on the size of the building.

    What products/assets do you examine during your audit?

    EnergyLink surveys just about every energy asset you can imagine – no matter what the size or brand. Some of the common products we examine include mechanical units (HVAC, boilers, hot water heaters, etc.), interior and exterior lighting, thermal boundaries (windows, doors, insulation, roofs, etc.), fans, computer systems, servers, and other electronic systems that may be causing high energy consumption.

    What types of properties will you audit?

    EnergyLink’s certified energy auditors specialize in commercial energy properties. Typically, the buildings we audit are at least 20,000sq ft and can range up to buildings larger than 100,000sq ft. If your building falls within that size range, we can provide our energy audit services. Some of the property types we have worked with include multi-family units, storage facilities, office buildings, grocery stores, hotels, schools, and more. To find out more about the property types we service, click here.

    What cities do you service?

    EnergyLink is a national energy service company. We have worked with commercial property owners in just about every region in the United States, and we have offices in Denver, Columbia, Louisville, Kansas City, and Salt Lake City. Contact us to find out more about the areas we service.

    How much does an energy audit cost?

    Depending on the building size, certified energy auditors typically charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars to perform an energy audit. EnergyLink is one of the few commercial energy service companies that provides comprehensive energy audits at no cost.

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