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Energy As A Service Energy Projects

Start a turnkey EaaS energy project without stunting your company's growth. Lower operating costs and become more sustainable without any of the risks that come with system ownership

What is Energy As a Service (EaaS)?

Energy As a Service, or EaaS, is an energy project funding model where energy solutions are installed with no upfront capital investment and, in exchange, the customer pays a subscription-based energy service payment each month or billing term. The project is fully funded by a third party owner, who is often a bank or investment firm. The “customer” can be a commercial business, nonprofit organization, and government entities.

It’s important to note that EaaS energy projects are not leases. They are facilitated using either a Solar Service Agreement (SSA) or an Energy Service Agreement (ESA). These types of agreements allow your organization to be sustainable with no risk, no design concerns, no funding concerns, and no obligation to do operations and maintenance. The day to day management and long-term operation is solely managed by the third party owner and the design-build contractor doing the install.

Benefits of EaaS projects for customers

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Keep your capital, continue growth

Instal better equipment with no requirement for your organization to draw from your capital.

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Avoid hassles of ownership

Operating and maintaining all energy systems installed will be handled by the third party owner.

Improved sustainability

Reduce CO2 emissions resulting from operations by installing renewable & energy-efficient tech.

Benefits of EaaS projects for third party owners

Tax incentives

Third party owners investing in a renewable or efficiency project can take advantage of tax credits for quick ROI on their investment.

Steady cashflow

Under an SSA or ESA, third party owners can expect steady cash-flows over time as a predictable source of income.

Best industries for energy as a service projects

Energy as a service projects are most beneficial for either high growth businesses who need all their capital for growth and don’t the need headaches of managing new energy systems or organizations who commonly lease properties, office spaces, or equipment. Although EaaS projects backed by an ESA or SSA are not leases, their structure is similar and well suited to organizations who prefer leasing over ownership.

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