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Financial Assistance for Business Owners

Leverage an energy project to instantly get the capital you need to maintain operations

Options available to you to obtain funds fast

If the coronavirus outbreak has left your business struggling financially, there are several more creative options outside taking loans which could be beneficial to your organization. Using financial tools such as C-PACE financing can provide the following benefits:

New project funding

C-PACE provides funding for qualifying new construction and new retrofit energy projects. Funding is non-recourse and non-accelerated.

Gap funding

C-PACE can act as a fast, secure funding source for future energy projects that have not been funded with cash, equity, or debt.

Bridge funding

C-PACE can also provide temporary, intermediate funding intended to cover short-term project expenses, until long-term financing is secured.

Have you lost funding for an ongoing project? Recapitalize with C-PACE

If you have started a qualifying energy project and lost funding to complete it, you can secure the funds to finish the job. Our team can help you use C-PACE to obtain retroactive financing. Retroactive financing of C-PACE eligible projects can help commercial property owners and developers shore up capital stacks and access liquidity at any point in the economic cycle

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How retroactive financing with C-PACE works - As told by Christian Gander, Lead Analyst

If you did an HVAC project last year for $100,000 cash because you couldn't get a bank loan, we can work with PACE to give you that money back so you can use it now, plus another $200,000 for a solar array and LED lights, and you can pay it all off over time with portions of the energy savings you generate.

Take care of your business

If your company is struggling, now is the time to act, and EnergyLink’s team is here to help you get through these difficult times with a free, no obligation financial consultation.

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