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Thermal energy storage

Maximize property efficiency

Like batteries (hyperlink), thermal energy storage systems store energy. Unlike batteries, this technology stores energy in the form of ice that is discharged through the day to generate power for your facility. Thermal energy storage can reduce peak electrical demand charges and increase sustainability at your business or organization. 

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The technology

Thermal energy storage systems utilize large tanks filled with water and glycol that use energy to freeze the water and form ice at night. Off-peak hours occur overnight and are the cheapest and most efficient time to use electricity. During the day, the ice melts and creates vapor that is dispersed throughout a building to keep it cool.

Borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) systems store heat in the ground for later use, and pull excess heat from operations back into the ground. These systems use a ground heat exchanger (GHX) array which uses the earth like a thermal battery, storing heat differently in each season. 

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