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    If your goal is to improve your organization's sustainability, EnergyLink can help

    Today, green tech is more affordable than ever, with an abundance of financing programs available to your organization. Also, customers, vendors, and partners are trending towards supporting more sustainable organizations. Now is the time to focus on sustainability.


    Why Invest in Sustainability Now?

    As your organization’s old, inefficient systems continue to run and edge closer to their useful life, your energy bills will continue to rise. Replacing them with comparable systems will see the same end result; even worse, this would essentially lock your company into high electric rates for anywhere from 10-20 years. That also means your organization’s carbon footprint will remain the same.

    Switching to more efficient or renewable energy equipment solves all of these problems, immediately lowering energy bills and decreasing the impact your company has on the environment. As a result, you will see improvements in your bottom line and cash flows, while still having a positive impact on your community and the environment at large.


    The True Impact of Sustainability

    By replacing old fluorescent lights with efficient LED bulbs, adding a rooftop solar array and solar carport, installing HVAC and demand management controls, and having HVAC zoning done on their building, Faber & Brand, a law firm based in Columbia, MO, had a huge impact on the environment. 

    The amount of CO2 offset in the Faber & Brand project alone is equivalent to…

    EPA CO2 Offset & Sustainability Report for Faber & Brand

    Statistics provided by the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

    Find out how you can increase your organization's sustainable efforts

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