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5 Reasons to Get Your Facility Energy Star Certified


Energy Star is the most trusted and growing environmental label in the United States.

It is recognized by more than 85% of Americans.

Energy Star certified buildings attract more potential buyers and lessees due to significant energy savings.

Here are some of the reasons for getting your facility Energy Star Certified:

  1. The Energy Star label connects you with customers, due to being recognized by Americans all over the country. Customers will immediately know that your business is energy efficient and companies that are making a sustainable impact attract more and more people.
  2. Buildings certified by Energy Star use about 35% less energy, which in turn creates significant savings. In 2015 Energy Star certified
    buildings saved more than $250,000 per building.
  3. Due to lower operating costs and energy savings, Energy Star certified buildings have higher income and increased rental value.
  4. Energy Star certified buildings reduce green house gas emissions to fight climate change. Certified companies are contributing to the green movement while seeing monetary benefits.
  5. Many cities and states have been passing legislations and regulations concerning energy efficiency for new and existing commercial buildings. You can hedge against future mandates by getting certified now.

Various energy efficiency upgrades can earn your building the Energy Star label all while increasing your building’s comfort and bringing your business significant savings.

Start saving and contributing to a more sustainable environment today.

EnergyLink can help you find the best energy improvement options for your particular building and design a project to fit your particular needs.

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