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What are Building Automation Systems?

building automation systems

In the modern age we have the ability to control and improve the environment around us with technology like heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. As buildings become more complex, business owners and facility managers are looking for safe and cheap solutions to keep their indoor environments comfortable. Building automation systems (BAS) are a solution that can increase energy efficiency and sustainability.

What are building automation systems?

Building automation systems aim to control the environment inside a building. They are efficient tools for managing HVAC systems and other renewable and energy efficient systems throughout your facility. BAS mirrors the human body’s central nervous system, both sending signals to control the systems around them.

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The main components of a BAS include a controller, terminal interface, communication protocols and sensors. Sensors can include thermostats, temperature sensors, room units and universal controllers. They keep track of temperature, humidity, lighting level and CO2 output inside the building while sending data back to the central controller. 

The controller gathers information from each sensor and decides if anything needs to be altered. A BAS control panel is pictured below. Output devices implement commands that the controller sends out, whether there are changes or the previous commands are maintained.

building automation systems

Though it doesn’t deal with the building directly, the communication protocol is still a critical feature of a BAS. It is the special language that a BAS uses to communicate within the system.The user interface is the bridge between building users and their BAS. Building users will dictate to BAS what they want via the user interface either through a monitor or through a mobile device that is connected to the BAS.

Interested in installing a building automation system?

If you are interested in installing a BAS and reaping benefits like automated energy use, lower energy costs and improved employee comfort, partner with EnergyLink. We are a certified national ESCO that designs, builds and funds holistic energy projects for commercial and industrial organizations. BAS can be combined with rooftop solar arrays for maximum energy efficiency and savings. Click the button below to get started. Learn more about BAS here.

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