ELDS Announces Alignment with UNESCO Sustainable Development Goal & Logic.Wiki Partnership at World Logic Day | EnergyLink
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ELDS Announces Alignment with UNESCO Sustainable Development Goal & Logic.Wiki Partnership at World Logic Day

ELDS Announces Alignment with UNESCO Sustainable Development Goal & Logic.Wiki Partnership at World Logic Day

31 January 2023 – Denver, CO – At World Logic Day 2023, EnergyLink Decarbonization Solutions (ELDS) announced its intent to advance the United Nations’ 7th goal of Sustainable Development. ELDS will do this in a multitude of ways: first by opening up its funding platform and through cultivating a sustainability content partnership with Logic.Wiki.

Days before the event took place, ELDS announced the launch of its vertically integrated funding platform which will provide development capital and a full suite of services from engineering design through operations to the sustainable infrastructure sector. Thematic focus areas of the platform include but are not limited to: solar, battery storage, energy efficiency, hydrogen, renewable natural gas, and industrial decarbonization, specifically for middle market applications of $1 to $50M. 

The platform will benefit the development and capital markets communities by offering turnkey engineering services matched with custom capitalization solutions from a single counterparty. For the development community, ELDS is a one-stop shop of execution and capital. For the capital markets and investor community, ELDS provides yield-bearing and tax-advantaged sustainable infrastructure investments administered by an integrated team with deep finance and engineering expertise. 

“With this funding platform available, we hope to make big strides in aiding the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goal of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all,” remarked ELDS Chief Executive Officer, Chris Ihler.

Knowledge is also a key area where EnergyLink Decarbonization Solutions hopes to contribute to the adoption of sustainable technologies. To this end, ELDS will contribute valuable sustainability and ESG content to Logictry’s logic.wiki platform. With the introduction of this content, the company hopes it will spur the energy transition, clear up misconceptions, and give organizations looking to be sustainable a clear direction.

“In many cases, the economics to be sustainable is present,” Mike Chudy, ELDS Chief Revenue Officer explained. “But funding or other factors can delay or outright prevent projects from getting to that NTP stage. In an effort to change this, ELDS is tackling this challenge from both angles: at the project development side and the research phase.”

For more information on the funding platform, visit the ELDS website or call (866) 218-0380. 


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EnergyLink Decarbonization Solutions is setting a new standard in renewable energy infrastructure with their expert execution of vertically integrated operations, from engineering design to capital formation. Partner with ELDS to access their ready-to-build project portfolio and comprehensive services, including connecting investors with commercial and industrial organizations seeking ESG solutions to seamlessly fund and construct projects.

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