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New Energy Resource Center Opening in Kansas City


A new energy resource center in Kansas City will be available in June that will take over uncompleted City Energy Projects.

Kansas City had received a three-year grant from the Institute for Market Transformation and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The resource center will provide guidance in improving buildings’ performance for owners of large buildings that have engaged in energy efficiency.

Energy resource center benefits

The resource center will be beneficial in understanding what energy management route to take and the types of improvements available for every particular kind of business.

These decisions can be challenging for building owners that are not fully aware of different energy management options. Therefore, the resource center will be a starting point of gaining information in order to make smart investments in energy efficiency.

Many building owners want to make energy efficiency upgrades, but are unsure where to start or what option to choose. Having a resource center available will make the process of choosing energy solutions much more informative and productive, allowing businesses to move forward with efficiency projects.

The center’s details and specifics

The new resource center in Kansas City aims to reduce energy among commercial buildings by 4% annually. Other large cities such as Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. experience a 3-7% reduction in energy annually.

In order to achieve goals in energy reduction, the resource center will engage in one-on-one guidance and networking. The center will help identify improvements with the best payback and finding the right financing options.

Within the first couple of years, the resource center aims to work with 400 building owners to move forward with energy improvements. The two major energy companies—Kansas City Power & Light and Laclede Gas—have agreed to provide funds.

The resource center will be a guide for not only large companies, but also aims to be beneficial for smaller commercial and institutional customers. The service is provided without charge and is funded by donors.

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