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EnergyLink’s Non-Biased Energy Solutions


It can be very difficult for businesses to determine the correct plan to attack their personal energy efficient improvement projects.

This is where EnergyLink comes in and can offer top-of-the-line, industry expertise. We will give you non-biased energy solutions that cater to your business to ensure your goals are reached at a price that’s right for you.

We will discuss some of the more popular energy efficiency solutions which include lighting in the workplace, HVAC upgrades, automating your building, and rooftop solar.

Lighting in the Workplace

Making improvements to the lighting in the workplace typically sees the project paid off in 2-4 years. Many utilities will offer great cash rebates for these types of upgrades.

Perhaps the most important part to lighting in the workplace, is the correlation that it also increases productivity and efficiency.

Most commercial spaces are over-lit, leading to wasted energy usage and negatively affects the productivity of employees. Too much daylight or electric light can make even the most fundamental tasks, such as computer work, uncomfortable and difficult to perform.

Optimizing daylight and electric saves energy and creates a productive, comfortable environment. Dimming increases lamp life and reduces maintenance costs, which can significantly affect your bottom line.

HVAC Upgrades

Making upgrades to your HVAC system typically have greater efficiency but don’t normally get paid off within the useful life of the system, which is about 15 years.

Thermal energy storage (TES) refers to the technology that allows the transfer and storage of heat energy, or alternatively, energy from ice or cold air or water. This method is built into new technologies that compliment energy solutions, such as solar.

TES can be utilized to move the peak load of energy on the grid to off-peak hours. They can also augment a solar collector to store the energy during the day and supply the necessary energy during the night.

Automating Your Building

By automating your building, you can typically save 5-10% off your monthly energy bills with limited on-site power.

We connect your energy assets together with our automation controller using custom algorithms to modify how you are billed for energy. User’s goals are achieved by allowing the ADMS to control the building prior to huge spikes in energy usage and use renewable energy sources to provide the other electricity.

In many instances, building’s electric rates are set by one hot day in the summer, which obviously isn’t an effective way to measure usage.

Using our proprietary algorithms, our ADMS’ process integrates seamlessly with the major loads of your facility to drive down the cost of demand charges imposed by utility providers.

Rooftop Solar

Installing smart solar on your rooftop is an important decision for both you and your property. As the industry advances, and we see more incentives/resources for customers to install solar, it becomes crucial to know everything that is available to you.
While many prospective solar users begin to worry about the investment required, the installation of solar actually incorporates a quick payback system that allows you to earn surplus cash flow in addition to having financial incentives available to reduce risk of your investment.

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