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Fort Collins Solar Rebate Program Offers Commercial Rebates up to $50,000

Fort Collins Solar Rebate Program Offers Commercial Rebates up to $50,000

Applications for the Fort Collins 2020 Commercial Solar Rebate Program continue to be accepted although as of June 25th, there is only $300,000 in the rebate left to give to customers. The solar rebate is offered by Fort Collins Utilities to incentivize their customers to generate their own renewable energy using solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. 

How Much Will the Fort Collins Solar Rebate Program Cover?  

Commercial customers can receive rebates up to $50,000. The rebate amounts are calculated based on $0.50/Watt of DC system generation capacity and it includes a 20-year Renewable Energy Credit (REC) assignment to Fort Collins Utilities. Based on a $0.50/Watt agreement, only 100 kilowatts will be covered. Whether your project is over or under 100 kilowatts, $0.50/watt is still a great ratio that your business shouldn’t miss out on. 

If your energy project is well over 100 kilowatts and you are struggling finding funding, contact EnergyLink or check out our energy financing page. One of our most popular services is energy project financing and we would be happy to walk you through all of your options. To learn more about other rebates your company could qualify for, click here. 

How Long Will the Rebate Last? 

This rebate is supposed to last throughout 2020, but with only $300,000 left, the funds are diminishing fast so it is important to apply now. If there is money left over there is a chance it could be used next year, but it’s not confirmed. Contact us to help you start the application.

How Do You Qualify for the Fort Collins Solar Rebate Program?

To qualify for the Fort Collins Solar Rebate Program, you must meet all of these points outlined by Fort Collins Utilities. 

  • Must be a Fort Collins Utilities electric customer.
  • PV system must be sized greater than 500 watts and less than the capacity to provide 120 percent of average annual energy use over the previous 24 months. 
  • Systems must meet Utilities Interconnection Standards (PDF 353KB). 
  • Equipment must be new and UL listed and named on the eligible equipment list. 
  • The system cannot be shaded between 9 a.m.-3 p.m. If questionable, the applicant must submit shading analysis (check with your solar contractor). 
  • The customer agrees to manage trees and other potential shading sources to prevent shading from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 
  • System orientation must achieve a minimum of 90 percent of estimated ideal annual output for full rebate allowance.
  • The system must be installed within six months of the rebate reservation letter. 

How Do You Apply to the Fort Collins Solar Rebate Program

If you qualify, start your application today to capitalize on the $50,000 that you can earn.  To apply to the Fort Collins Solar Rebate Program, solar contractors need to submit the Distributed Energy Interconnection Application, along with supporting documents as outlined in the application. The application can be a tedious and stressful process, but at EnergyLink we can fill out your application for you and submit it in a timely manner. 

Do You Need More Financial Help?

If your solar project has a larger need for financing than what the Fort Collins Solar Rebate Program can provide, we may be able to help. At EnergyLink, we have a team of financial analysts that provide you with the best energy funding sources available to finance your project. Our financial analyst team prepares several financing options for our customers to allow flexibility in the project. We also provide a variety of options, several involving no out-of-pocket expense, each offering different terms and rates. To get more information on the options we work with, click here

For More Information

To learn more about rebates and popular financing options similar to the Fort Collins Solar Rebate Program, check out these blog posts. 

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