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How a Commercial Energy Audit Works

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Understanding Commercial Energy Audits

Organizations have always been interested in maximizing efficiency whether in their work environment or manufacturing process, and the same applies or their utility costs. A commercial energy audit involves trained auditors and engineers examining energy systems throughout a facility, and molding a comprehensive outlook of the facility.

As certified commercial energy auditors, EnergyLink’s team is trained to assist property owners and facility managers understand their buildings, and discover the greatest opportunities for energy savings.

We specialize in energy management solutions for things like solar energy systems, HVAC, lighting, building automation systems, and much more. The energy audit process allows us to determine what systems are causing you the most money on your utility bills.

The energy audit process

Review Historic Utility Bills

To begin our process, we collect facility’s historic utility bills to determine the facility’s annual energy consumption.

Examine Existing Assets

Next, our team collects on-site data by performing the energy audit. During this time, we are determining potential solutions that maximize savings.

Present Economic Solutions

After we complete the audit and compare the utility bills, our team works together to design comprehensive systems custom tailored to each individual facility that maximizes energy savings.

 Mechanical Systems

HVAC units, boilers, hot water heaters, chillers, and more to determine current state of equipment, age, life expectancy, and performance.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Lighting technology has increased significantly over the years. With LEDs not only do you improve lighting quality, but significantly reduce electric usage

Thermal Boundaries

The building envelope (windows, insulation, roofs, etc.) seal is essential to keep your conditioned spaces from leaking air. Ensuring proper insulation throughout the facility is key to minimizing heating and cooling costs.

Destratification Fans

In facilities with tall ceilings, maintaining consistent airflow helps maintain comfort in the facility.

Miscellaneous Systems

Every facility is custom and operates differently. Our team has audited facilities across many industries from retail, industrial, offices, multi-family, and more. We have an expanded knowledge on systems, and are flexible to tackle any project.

Want an energy audit for your building? EnergyLink offers a free commercial energy audit to building owners in the United States.

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