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The Internet of Things (IoT) & Advanced Demand Management Systems (ADMS)

solar panels on industrial building

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows for data to drive our ADMS. The system works off this and proactively learns the building, for example: the time it takes for a room to cool off, and when the HVAC would need to turn on again.

Our system works to improve the building’s operations by understanding the different variables each individual building has.


We hear a lot these days about the IoT and how connecting all sorts of devices is going to give us all the data we need to make faster, better decisions.

This should come as little surprise to anyone in the electric utility industry because few other vertical industries have been collecting detailed customer data longer than utilities, which have long had a meter on every customer home.

The amount of data utilities now have access to is growing exponentially. We’ve got smart grid technology providing detailed data on generation and transmission systems.

Intelligent thermostats, outlets, next-generation meters and even appliances are all offering up detailed usage data. Detailed weather data likewise plays a key role.

Today the name of the game for utilities is applying analytics to help make sense of all this data and enable more effective programs and communications with customers.

Our System

Our innovative process reverses the out-of-date practice of pushing products and instead, offers a robust solution with deep monetary gains.

We start with a deep evaluation of the monetary margin between the way a facility currently uses electricity and new ways to leverage the utility rate structure. Then, we apply a wealth of energy solutions, product knowledge and software programming skill to design a non-biased ADMS (Advanced Demand Management System) package to beat the utility structure and achieve the desired baypack.

Our process connects your energy assets together with our automation controller using custom algorithms to modify how you are billed for energy.

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