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Top 5 Reasons To Get A Commercial Energy Audit

Why get a commercial energy audit?

The business world seems to grow more competitive each day. That means the dividing line between a business’s success and failure becomes thinner all the time. To keep your company from being in the red, it’s important to decrease expenses in whatever way you can. For many businesses, one of the most substantial operating expenditures is energy usage. On average it represents roughly one-third of the operating budget. Receiving an energy audit and taking steps to become more energy efficient can reduce expenses, increase profits, stretch your budget further and increase property value. If you need more convincing, below are the top 5 reasons your business should receive a commercial energy audit and improve efficiency.


1. Save money

Saving money may seem like the most obvious reason, but it is one of the most important.Receiving a fully comprehensive energy audit can potentially decrease your energy bill by as much as 50%. At EnergyLink, we use innovative technology to evaluate and inspect your business’s energy usage, taking into account every detail from your air-conditioning equipment to your building’s physical structure, and then help you implement the most effective solutions. A few of the financial benefits of an energy audit include:

  • Decreased energy expenses and operating budgets
  • Increase profits and building value
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Protection from increasing energy costs
  • Potentially qualify for tax incentives


2. Increase comfort levels and productivity

There is more of a connection between energy efficiency and comfort than you might think! Your building will be a more relaxing and comfortable place when the environment is being maintained efficiently through improving insulation, complete air sealing, and an up-to-date heating and cooling system. Occupants of your building will feel more comfortable, making visitors more likely to return and creating a more comfortable work environment for employees.You may even find your employees are happier and more productive without the distraction of extreme office temperatures or drafts.


3. Be more green, get more green

Many people see value in a business who is “green,” meaning they do their part to be energy efficient and reduce their impact on the environment. Making it known that your company has gone green creates the image of sustainability for your business, which may increase customer loyalty. When your business is recognized as one that cares about sustainability and conserving energy, you will gain customers who want to support your efforts, and best of all, they’ll tell their friends! Being green may also attract potential employees who want to work for a company whose values are in alignment with their own.


4. Be healthier and safer

Poor energy usage can result in poor indoor air quality. By ensuring your equipment is working efficiently, you can reduce the likelihood of issues such as mold, mildew, and harmful emissions. Doing so will decrease worker absentees due to illness caused by mold or allergens in the air. An energy auditor will also look for potentially hazardous issues like backdrafting combustion equipment, carbon monoxide poisoning, and radon leaks that are common in older systems to keep occupants safe.


5) Protect your business

Becoming more energy efficient will increase the durability of your building by decreasing moisture inside and preventing mold damage and rot. Additionally, reducing your monthly costs will make room in the budget for improvements to other aspects of your building that may have fallen by the wayside while energy costs were high. Having an energy efficient building will also increase the life and reliability of your equipment and result in an overall increase in the value of your property.


Schedule your commercial energy audit

Are you ready to take the first step in improving your building’s energy efficiency? At EnergyLink we will survey just about any energy assets you have, such as HVAC units, lighting, thermal boundaries, fans, computer systems and more. Our certified energy auditors specialize in commercial energy properties like office buildings, grocery stores, hotels, schools and more ranging from 20,000 sq ft to 100,000 sq ft.

We will review your buildings utility usage history, conduct a full building walk-through, and provide a detailed report of our findings. EnergyLink is one of the few commercial energy service companies that provides comprehensive energy audits at no cost. Contact us today to schedule your free commercial energy audit!

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