Helping non-profit organizations lower utility costs with solar, lighting retrofits, HVAC and more

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  • Storage
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Distribution
  • Schools
  • Non-profits
  • More Money for Your Mission

    By partnering with EnergyLink, schools & universities, churches, foundations, charitable organizations, and all other non-profits have the potential to save significantly on energy, allowing those savings to be allocated to advancing their mission.

    Benefits of renewable energy & energy efficiency for non-profits:

    • Decrease operation costs
    • Generate significant saving over lifespan of the system
    • Hedge against rising electric costs
    • Fixed, low-price for electricity
    • Contributes to local economy
    • Decrease non-profit’s overall carbon footprint
    • Improves the buildings asset value
    • Produce reliable on-site power
    • Relieves stress from the utility grid
    • Can be combined with other improvements (LED lights, HVAC systems, HVAC controls, batteries, etc.)

    Financing Options:

    • Lease or PPA
      • Zero downs, no up-front costs
      • Duration: 10-20 year
      • Fixed monthly payments
      • Savings of about 10-30% off of the electricity bill
      • 15-20% off of project costs
    • PACE
      • No up-front costs
      • Loan paid off over time through energy savings
      • Covers 100% of project costs
      • Debt is tied to property in event of sale

    Non-Profit Managers

    See how much you could save on energy with a free energy audit!